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What's Amateur Radio and How can it help? - Rod Hardman & Emma Hardman

Incorporating Amateur Radio skills into Robotics - Rod Hardman & Emma Hardman

FRC Electronics - Heather Young & Kayleigh Marshall

Mechanical Design

FRC Strategic Design - How to decide your robot design - Malavya Shah & Max Guan 1241/1285



FRC Judging Best Practices - Rhona Bredner

Elementary Robotics

Arduino in Elementary - Enzo Ciardeli

Robotics in Secondary - Dave Weir & Jeff ADema HWDSB

Starting and Running a Robotics Club in Elementary - Paul Menicanin


The Perfect Pick List - Shankar and Oliver 2056


Effective First Strategies - Karthik

2056 Related

2056 Ways to Raise Money – Joe Muchynski

Some tips and tricks for raising funds for your robotics team.

FRC Sustainable Practices - Zac Young

How to win 23 Consecutive Regionals - Tyler Holtzman

What are we actually learning at Robotics? - Stan Hunter

FRC Esentials - Stan Hunter

Team Management

Sustainable Practices – Zac Young

Successful FIRST programs are built upon sustainable foundations, including mentorship and fundraising. This session will explore best practices towards building a sustainable FIRST robotics team.

Ontario’s District Model Transition – Shawn Lim

I will do a talk describing the District Model, and the expected changes, and will also touch upon the volunteer positions and process as part of it.

Mechanical Design

Introduction to Mechanical Design - Richard Li & Jonathan Parsons

Introduction to DC motors and pneumatic actuators, methods of power transmission, common linkages, basic mechanics and statics.

Mechanical Systems – Malavya Shah

This workshop will cover the basics of mechanical systems used in FRC. These include linkage systems, elevators, and intakes. Students will also learn how to effectively determine the required gear ratio for different FRC scenarios such as drivetrains and arms while learning how to create a basic gearbox.

Introduction to SolidWorks – Bilal Qadar & Matthew Loconte

This workshop will cover the basics of designing in SolidWorks and the advantages of using computer-aided design (CAD) to improve robot planning and execution.We will be discussing the pros and cons of SolidWorks vs other CAD software and be showing examples of it in use.


Wiring a 2056 Robot Including some great Sensors – Heather Young

Hands on wiring skills that go into every 2056 Robot. See the myriad of sensors available and how to utilize them.

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Programming a 2056 Robot - Ethan Elliott

Look at the details of coding for success. Camera Code and Autonomous Examples.

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Chairman's Outreach

Chairmans Video – Jacob Morris

How to make your Chairman’s Video Submission quick and effective.

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The Chairman’s Award – Karthik Kanagasabapathy

Hall of Fame experience for those applying for the Chairman’s award.

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FLL/Elementary Robotics

Coding and STEM in Elementary – J/I – Enzo Ciardelli & Kassandra Contant

Presenting curriculum links and student samples to demonstrate a lead into high school

VEX IQ For Teachers and Parents – Max Guan

Giving teachers and parents a chance to understand how the VEX IQ system works. It would introduce them to the fundamentals of robotics to be able to pass on to younger students.

Hands-on STEM Learning for Elementary – Zoe Branigan Pipe

Makey Makey, mBot and Dash, Sphero, Thymio, and Ozobot to name a few.

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“A MakeShift Roadmap to a Successful FLL Season” – Matt Alderson

How to develop and execute a successful season of FLL.

Running a Robotics Club in your Elementary School – Paul Menicanin

How to get started and continue an effective Elementary Robotics Club using Lego or VEXIQ.


Effective FIRST Strategies – Karthik Kanagasabapathy

Strategic Design, Scouting, Match Strategy.

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Three-6-Stacks: How to Make the Perfect Pick – Shankar Manoharan & Oliver Mao

Understanding all of the elements that go into compiling the best pick list possible.

Scouting Sheets & Spreadsheets


2056 Related

Rookie Teams FYI @ FAQ – Stan Hunter

What every rookie or pre-rookie team needs to know to be successful.

Connecting Curriculum to Robotics – Stan Hunter

How to connect your curriculum to FRC and VEX robotics and vice versa.

Slides coming soon…

How to win 23 Consecutive Regionals – Tyler Holtzman

A look inside, the season of Team 2056 covering our build schedule, decision making, design methodology, fabrication methods, techniques and assembly practices.

Slides coming soon…

Starting a VEX Team – Neal Shaw

Practical techniques to start and maintain a VEX Robotics Team

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2056 Ways to Raise Money – Joe Muchynski

Some tips and tricks for raising funds for your robotics team.