Since our inception, Team 2056 has worked with our school, mentors, and sponsors to guide everyone we meet to greatness. We build off past achievements to create outreach initiatives like our social media campaign and conference in order to demonstrate and inspire a group immersed in STEM. Team 2056 strives for not only our own success but for the success of others with the hope to spend future years elevating the world to new heights. Our successes have not come immediately; our perseverance and persistence through small endeavors have led to a much larger reward.

We have grown LEGO clubs into a full-fledged tournament, turned a ten student team into a school-wide course, and gone from local demonstrations to representing Canada in front of Governors and Premiers. 2056 strives to build off our past achievements and reach for new heights, and we know that what we have now is only a step to something even greater if we continue to persist and persevere.