Team 2056 is dedicated to helping its members grow as individuals and as a team; working together to learn about science and technology and to pass that information on to others. We strive to provide the best possible experience for our students to learn from our team’s dedicated mentors and volunteers. We believe in hands-on education, allowing our members to work hand-in-hand with industry professionals and experts in their fields. We also provide orientation seminars to all new members about mechanical design, programming, strategy, teamwork and work ethics with a strong emphasis on problem solving skills. It is our hope that this will provide them with a solid base from which they can expand their expertise into any field that interests them.

Team 2056 implements a student-mentor program as well to help the younger students learn from the senior members. Our team is organized into 3 main divisions; Strategy, Engineering and Administrative, each with their own sub-sections and lead by a senior student. Every year new members are asked to fill out a sheet of positions they are interested on our team. They are then partnered up with a veteran student in that department to help teach them the skills they need in that area. This way Team 2056 provides a continuous, effective learning environment and prepares are students with both practical, hands on training and leadership experience.