FIRST Ontario Championship: April 5-8

The FIRST Ontario Championship is scheduled from April 5-8, and will take place at the FIRST Ontario Centre, located at 101 York Blvd in Hamilton. Admission is free and spectators are welcome to join us in the stands and also visit our team pit. Safety glasses are mandatory in the pits. We are in the Technology Division sitting in Section 124.

We will be playing 10-12 matches from 11:00 am on Thursday until 6:00 pm on Friday. The playoffs will start on Saturday morning at 10:00 am and continue throughout the day, with the Ontario Winning Alliance being crowned by 6:00 pm.

Following four weeks of competition, there are some intriguing statistics to report: 2056 has emerged as the leading team in the world. The world stats can be accessed on Statbotics.

For more information about the event, please visit the FIRST ONTARIO PROVINCIAL CHAMPIONSHIP website. You can view an up-to-date match schedule with results on The Blue Alliance website.

We are looking forward to having you in the stands to support us! However, if you cannot join us in person, you can still watch the event LIVE online via The Blue Alliance website.


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