• ‘Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’
    By Kate McCullough Spectator Reporter With a 120-pound robot in tow, a team of Hamilton students returned home Monday after competing in the robotics world championships in Houston, Texas. Team 2056 didn’t win the annual FIRST Robotics World Championship, which was cancelled for two years amid the pandemic. But after two competition-less years and a late start to the season, the Orchard Park Secondary School robotics team considers a spot in the playoffs a huge success. “The accomplishments, considering COVID, were amazing,” coach Stan Hunter told The Spectator. The Hamilton team competed with more than 450 schools from around the world […]
  • 2056 WINS Provincial Championship
    Going 12 and 0 in qualifying matches at the FIRST Ontario Provincial Championships over the weekend, Team 2056 ranked 1st overall and picked Team 1114 from St Catharine’s and Team 4152 from Huntsville to form an alliance. We are very proud to report that the alliance went on to win the Ontario Provincial Championship! Team 2056 is now in Houston, Texas competing with 400 teams from around the world! Qualification matches begin at 8:30am Central Time today (Thursday, April 21, 2022). We are in the Turing Division. Match times, results and live stream can also be found on The Blue […]
  • Watch 2056 at the Provincial Championships
    Hello Team 2056 Friends and Fans! We are writing to you from the 2022 FIRST Ontario Provincial Championship at the Paramount Fine Foods Centre in Mississauga, Ontario! We are happy to report that Team 2056 is currently in Rank 1/67 with a record of 12-0-0 in qualification matches! Here is a video of qualification match #4 from yesterday: https://youtu.be/VLtSSxkYqag We invite you to join in on the fun and watch us LIVE at: https://twitch.tv/firstontario1. Alliance selections will begin at 11:30am. The quarterfinals and semifinals will begin at 1:00pm today. As always, thank you for your support! From all of us,Team […]
  • We’re Back!
    We are happy to report that Team 2056 has been working hard at designing, building and programming our 2022 robot to play and compete in the “Rapid React” game sponsored by Boeing.  Watch the game animation here: https://youtu.be/LgniEjI9cCM Although it has not been a normal build season with virtual classes, extracurricular restrictions, snow days, and a slew of supply chain issues, the robot is running and performing up to 2056 standards and expectations.  Our first competition is Saturday March 26th at the University of Waterloo. We hoped you could all join us as we compete for the first time in two years but capacity limits are […]
  • Recharge Your Bot
    We hope you and your families are keeping well, and despite restrictions, are finding ways to have fun and relax over the break. Recharge Your Bot Challenge This fall, FIRST Canada hosted The Recharge Your Bot Challenges, a series of dynamic and exciting challenges to allow FIRST Robotics Competition teams to “recharge” their energy for robotics. The results were announced on December 15 through FIRST Canada Live. Team 2056 placed first for two of the challenges. Robot Reels: Robot Edition 2056 This video is our submission to the Robot Reels challenge. Students created a TikTok style video using our 2020 […]
  • A Quick end to the Season
    As Team 2056 finished its robot, finalized autonomous modes, and practiced driving in the early days of March, one could see the impending doom as events began to be cancelled. We jumped at the opportunity to compete at an earlier event and began packing for the Ontario Ryerson event March 12-14.  No sooner were we in, then all events came to a crashing halt and our chances of competing on the field in Infinite Recharge was over.  FIRST Canada and FIRST US halted all events on Thursday March 12 and later cancelled both Championships.  Very disappointing for the team as they were gearing up for a […]
  • Infinite Recharge Build Season Update
    Together we Brainstorm and Design On January 5, Team 2056 gathered in the school library for the season kickoff and release of the FIRST Robotics 2020 Infinite Recharge game. Students, mentors, and parents spent the day studying, analyzing, and discussing the game manual. A solid understanding of the game is crucial to designing and building a great robot. Rookies, mentors, veterans, and parents later continued to brainstorm ideas, define priorities, and debate the structural components of the robot. As the design process continued, SolidWorks files grew, and the robot began to take form digitally.   Building Field Team 2056 spent […]
  • Team 2056 Wins The Waterloo Regional!
    On March 22, 2019, Team 2056 arrived once again at the Waterloo regional event. One of the most prestigious and competitive events in the world, Team 2056 played hard and ended up seeding first with 40 ranking points which was 10 more than the second highest ranked team, Team 3683, who had 30 ranking points. Alongside winning a match 139-64 and scoring a world record, and being undefeated, Team 2056 would get the chance to captain the first alliance and would pick teams 3686, from Waterloo, as well as 5672 from Wikwemikong. The number one alliance began eliminations taking both […]
  • Team 2056 Ranks Third In Detroit World Championship!
    On April 25th to 28th Team 2056 competed at the Detroit World Championships along with 404 other teams. After 112 qualification matches in the Tesla Division, Team 2056 would come first out of 67 teams, and partner with 1241 Theory 6, 2869 Regal Eagles, and 6090 Wayland Wildcats for the elimination rounds. After winning both quarter final and semi final matches, the first alliance would play the third alliance to determine who would represent Tesla on Einstein. The first final match was won by the third alliance, 302 to 420. After regrouping with their alliance, Team 2056 would go on […]
  • 2056 Wins The Ontario Provincial Championship!!
    This past weekend, Team 2056 went to the Ontario Provincial Championships to defend their title against 79 of the best teams in Ontario. After 160 qualification matches, across 2 fields, 2056 would seed first in the science division, and go on to captain the number 1 alliance consisting of team 1325 from Mississauga, Ontario, and rookie Team 6875 from Windsor, Ontario. In the quarterfinals match two, 2056 and their alliance would score 536 points, and earn the highest score in a playoff match. 2056’s number one alliance would advance to the finals and face the number six alliance that consisted […]