This past weekend, Team 2056 competed in the first ever Ontario Provincial Championships with 60 teams from across the province. After 110 qualification matches, Team 2056 ended in first place with an average ranking score of 3.36, the highest this year. They continued on as Captain of the number one alliance selecting Team 610 from Toronto, and Team 4814 from London.

In the quarterfinals match one, 2056 and their alliance would match the world high score of 522, and then beat it the next match with a score of 523 (This score would be beat later in the day at the Seven Rivers Regional). 2056’s number one alliance would advance the the finals and face the number three alliance that consisted of Team 4976, 4939, and 2200. It began with a field fault in the first match, requiring a replay in which they would win 501-493. The second match would also go to the number one alliance with a finishing score of 518-509, making 2056, 610, and 4814 the first ever Ontario Provincial Champions. A shout out to 4976, 4939, and 2200 for an amazing set of matches.

2056 would also take home the excellence in engineering award along with their third blue banner of the season.