Tesla Division

600 Teams in eight divisions all vying for the championship trophy in St Louis. Team 2056 fought its way through the Tesla Division Thursday and Friday, finding itself alone at the top of the ranking after 10 qualification matches. We scored 37 of 40 ranking points in 10 matches, the second highest of all 600 teams. The team selected Team 1690, Orbit from Israel, Team 3015, Ranger Robotics from Spencerport, New York and Team 4015, the Finney Falcons from Penfield, New York. At Champs, teams choose a four team alliance and can use any three in any match. The alliance marched through the best of three elimination rounds, only losing one match in the semis, taking the Tesla Division title and our 4th blue banner of the year and 31st in our ten year history.

Tesla Introduction

Tesla Win


Einstein is where the eight division winners playoff, and the Tesla alliance first squared off against the Archimedes Winners.  Losing the first match, we went on to win the next two.  The next opponent was the Galileo Winners, which we beat two games straight, taking us to the finals of the World.  The Carver Alliance beat us in the first finals match 205 to 197, we came back and beat them 225 to 215 in the second, and in the tie breaker match, we both scored 225 points making it a nail biter tie.  The first tie breaker rule is the cleanest team, and since our alliance had received 1 penalty, the Carver Alliance was awarded the win and the World Championship.  The team and the entire alliance played at their very best and the 2056 team can be very very proud of their accomplishments and success.

The Final Hang

For more pictures from our time at the FIRST Championship and the entire season, check out our team Flickr.