The Einstein Report was released on Friday July 13, 2012

Here is a summary as it pertains to team 2056

We were the targets of an intentional communication disruption during the Einstein matches in St Louis. Meaning someone “hacked” us.  It is probable that each of our alliance partners was also attacked during one or more of the three semi-final matches.  The investigation also found numerous electrical and programming issues with robots on Einstein – see the chart on page 20 of the report for details.

The individual has been banned from FIRST including any team contact.  This person was not part of the winning alliance.  The person was apparently acting on their own with no team knowledge.

FIRST has granted all twelve Einstein teams a birth to the World Championships in 2013 as well as the cost of their first event waived.

The report also addresses numerous issues with the control system, driver station, robot wiring, and programming which can only help teams and FIRST in the future.

The vulnerability from the wireless network will be fixed for IRI.

We continue to stand strong, knowing that we did everything we could at the World Championships.  We continue to strive to be the best at everything that we do including handling defeat and disappointment.

We will endeavour to overcome each and every challenge – Starting at IRI July 20, 21, 2012  and continuing to Championships in April 2013.