The success of FIRST Team 2056 is based on a number of different factors but here is one large reason this team continues to win. Heather Young drove the 2056 robot for the last time at IRI this summer and what a fitting finish to her outstanding accomplishments as the 2nd 2056 robot driver following Grant Durfey. Heather drove in more than 260 qualification and elimination matches winning 12 Blue banners including a Championship divisional win and two IRI championships. Her overall record at 16 events was 215 wins, 45 losses and 4 ties.

Grant drove the robot at 15 events (not including two off season events with no data) winning 179 matches, 39 losses and 3 ties. Grant brought home 10 blue banners including one Championship division win and one IRI win.

They both have a winning record of 82%.

Behind both of these legendary drivers is Tyler Holtzman, who has been the drive coach for the seven year history of 2056.