This past weekend, along with 31 other teams, Team 2056 competed at one of the most prestigious events in the world, the Waterloo University District. In addition to winning a match 513-123 and setting the high score for the largest unpenalized score in a qualification match, 2056 seeded first with 39 ranking points, 6 more than the next best team, and a record of 11-1-0, Team 2056 would captain the number one alliance of Team 1241 and 4777, both from Mississauga, Ontario.

The number one alliance began eliminations taking both the quarterfinals against alliance eight and the semifinals against alliance four in two matches.  In the finals Teams 2056, 1241, and 4777 would face the second place alliance of Teams 3683 from Waterloo, Ontario, 4917 from Elmira, Ontario, and rookie team 7058 from Strathroy, Ontario. In a well fought finals the number two alliance would come out on top in what was a very exciting competition. Team 2056 would go on to  win the Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors.

Congratulations to Team 3683. 4917, and 7058 for an amazing event win,  and to 1241 for another well deserved chairman’s award.

We look forward to competing at McMaster in two weeks!

1241 hang

Watch The Matches:

Finals 1:

Finals 2: