As Team 2056 finished its robot, finalized autonomous modes, and practiced driving in the early days of March, one could see the impending doom as events began to be cancelled. We jumped at the opportunity to compete at an earlier event and began packing for the Ontario Ryerson event March 12-14.  No sooner were we in, then all events came to a crashing halt and our chances of competing on the field in Infinite Recharge was over.  FIRST Canada and FIRST US halted all events on Thursday March 12 and later cancelled both Championships.  Very disappointing for the team as they were gearing up for a spectacular competition season. The grade 12’s were especially disappointed as they finished their high school robotics careers physically, emotionally, and mentally distant. Since no one outside of Orchard Park had seen the new 2056 robot, a few students decided to put together a sort of reveal for the FIRST community and to show off all their hard work. FIRST Canada began a series of live shows during the first few weeks after shut down and 2056 was a part of one of those shows. As you can see, the students did an amazing job once again of explaining the intricacies of the 2020 robot.  

Team 2056 Robot Reveal and Technical Description

The robot was named Legacy in honour and memory of three very influential people to Team 2056.  The following three images were created by Victoria, aka FRCDoodles. We are who we are because of the impact of those who have gone on before us.  Their Legacy will live on in big and small ways.  Thank You.

Six Consecutive Chairman’s Awards 

Even though we did not get a chance to compete on the field, two awards were received by Team 2056 based on submitted essays.  The Chairman’s team has been working for a year on their 2020 submission and had prepared the essay, speech, slide show and video in preparation to arriving at our first competition in Waterloo in March.   As stated above, the team had registered at Ryerson and thus were given the opportunity to compete virtually for Chairman’s.  Based solely on the submitted essay, TEAM 2056 won the Ryerson District Event Chairman’s Award.  A great testament to all the work this small but energetic part of the team accomplished.  Congratulations to Olivia Pink, Samantha Passfield and Ian Morse with mentorship from Joel Pink.  Jaime Kish was the lead on the video. 

Chairman’s is all about what the team does off of the field to promote STEM.  So many aspects of Team 2056 happen throughout the year:  Food Drive, Clothing Drive, Electronics and Scrap metal drive, Inside Ride, all to support our community.  Elementary robotics days, travelling road shows to Seniors homes, parades, and service clubs, Girls in STEM, Elementary Robotics, Cayman Island Robotics, the list goes on.  Watch the Chairman’s Video for a peak inside the team .   

McMaster Event Dean’s List Winner

Emily Forster, a grade 11 student has been extremely busy spreading the word of FIRST and STEM.  She was one of the winners of the McMaster Dean’s List Award.  She is also part of the FIRST Canada Youth Council.  Below is an example of her involvement on the council.

Scouting App

Even though it did not get tested in the heat of competition, the scouting app was ready to go.  A great deal of time and energy went into developing the app – big thanks to Caleb Mech and Sarah VanDuzer as well as the scouting team of Anna VanDuzer, Shahroze Rao, Annushka Waheed and Armon Bal.
Although the 2019/2020 Season came to an abrupt end, FIRST has released the 2020/2021 Season Theme and Teaser.  As we plan and prepare for next season, what ever that will look like, we look forward to the opportunities placed in front of us to help and inspire our students and community.