GTR East 2013
At the Greater Toronto East FIRST Robotics competition this past weekend at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Oshawa, team 2056 finished the round robin qualification matches 12-0. Individually scoring an average of 90 points per match, more than double the third scoring robot. We picked 1114 from Governor Simcoe St Catharines and 1325 from Gordon Graydon Memorial S.S. in Mississauga to go on into the elimination rounds. The alliance won each of the quarter finals, semis and finals each two games straight, and chalked up high scores with 211 points in one match alone. Currently the overall high score.

The robot named “Adversity” but dubbed “Face”, for our eh Team friends, performed exceptionally well with numerous 7 Frisbee autonomous matches and many 100 plus match scores. Heather, the robot driver, was unbelievable – driving while fighting the flue. That is perseverance!

The team has increased its Regional winning streak to 15 and has added another technical award – The Motorola Quality Award – thanks to Tyler’s driving desire for perfection.

We have a week off and then back at it – Waterloo March 21-23 and Hershey March 28-30. Match times, web cast and results can be found on the events page but better yet – come out and cheer on the team at either event.

Photo taken by Robert Wells Photography.