On March 22, 2019, Team 2056 arrived once again at the Waterloo regional event. One of the most prestigious and competitive events in the world, Team 2056 played hard and ended up seeding first with 40 ranking points which was 10 more than the second highest ranked team, Team 3683, who had 30 ranking points. Alongside winning a match 139-64 and scoring a world record, and being undefeated, Team 2056 would get the chance to captain the first alliance and would pick teams 3686, from Waterloo, as well as 5672 from Wikwemikong.

The number one alliance began eliminations taking both the quarterfinals against alliance eight and the semifinals against alliance four in two matches. In the finals Teams 2056, 3683, and 5672 would face the second place alliance of Teams 1241 from Mississauga, Ontario, 4678 from Breslau, Ontario, and rookie team 7800 from Windsor, Ontario. In a well fought finals the number one alliance would come out on top in what was a very exciting competition. Team 2056 would also go on to win the Autonomous Award sponsored by Ford.

A congratulations to Team 5672 for winning the Chairman’s award with their inspiring video.


Watch The Matches:
Finals 1: https://youtu.be/-xbqx5uWGfQ
Finals 2: https://youtu.be/wqq0l6x-6go