On April 25th to 28th Team 2056 competed at the Detroit World Championships along with 404 other teams. After 112 qualification matches in the Tesla Division, Team 2056 would come first out of 67 teams, and partner with 1241 Theory 6, 2869 Regal Eagles, and 6090 Wayland Wildcats for the elimination rounds. After winning both quarter final and semi final matches, the first alliance would play the third alliance to determine who would represent Tesla on Einstein. The first final match was won by the third alliance, 302 to 420. After regrouping with their alliance, Team 2056 would go on and win the next two matches 454 to 292, and 367 to 336 respectively, winning the Tesla Division.

Moving on to Einstein, Team 2056’s alliance along with the winners of the other 5  divisions, would play a round robin of matches. Team 2056 and their alliance would win 3 out of the 5 matches played, and came out 30 points short of being in the finals and would finish 3rd at the Detroit World’s. Congratulations to the winners of the Detroit Championships, 2767, 27, 2708, and 4027!

2056 has reached Einstein each of the past four years, finishing 2nd or 3rd each time.  2056 also holds the world high score in both qualification and elimination matches for FIRST Power UP. https://www.thebluealliance.com/