GTR West 2012

With a record of 9 and 2, team 2056 was ranked 4th overall at the Waterloo Regional this past weekend.  Picked by 1114 from Governor Simcoe St Catharines and joined by team 4372 from RBDG School in Cambridge, the alliance went on to win each best of three quarter finals, semi finals and finals.  The alliance scored a tremendous number of points reaching 105 in one match alone.  The win increases the teams regional wins to 13, a world record that seems like it will never be broken.  A second technical award was received by the team but even more amazingly, after writing an essay, creating a video, and presenting in front of the judges, the team received the most prestigious award – The Regional Chairman’s award. Congratulations to Eric Mech, Kailey Bastarache, and Evan VanDuzer, along with Isaac Hunter and Oliver Mao for all their work preparing for the Chairman’s.  The team competes this weekend in their final regional at the Hershey Centre where 54 teams from Canada and Mexico will be competing.  Congratulations to the entire team as they all worked together to perform at the top of their game.  St Louis – Here we come!