GTR East 2012

Looking for 14

At the Greater Toronto West Robotics competition at the Hershey Centre this past weekend team 2056 finished seventh with a record of 8 and 2 at the end of the qualifying rounds.

The team picked MMRambotics, team 2200 from Burlington and Retro-Rams, team 4001 from Toronto. The alliance won the quarter finals with an upset, 2 games straight.  It took three games to win the semi-finals also an upset.  The finals put us straight up against our friends from Governor Simcoe team 1114.

With an epic first match and the thousands in the stands on the edge of their seats, our alliance triple balanced for the win 102 to 89.  The second match, also with a triple balance, was a win giving OP Robotics their 14th straight regional win.

Heather Young was simply incredible as she drove the robot with Will Alex operating.  Jacob Morris popped quite a few baskets as human player but the entire team should be commended for a great event.  Matches can be watched on [ ]youtube.

World Championships begin Thursday April 26th in St Louis

Thanks to all who came out and supported us and joined in on the excitement.