From March 6th to the 8th, Team 2056 competed in the 2015 Greater Toronto East Regional which was held at the University of Ontario. The team continued its streak, claiming their 20th consecutive regional victory. Seeding first in the rankings with an average score of 124.50, Team 2056 selected an alliance including teams 2853 DM High Voltage from St. Catharines Ontario, and 3710 FSS Cyber Falcons from Kingston Ontario. In the playoffs, they had an average score of 184.71 and a score of 195 in Final match number two. The team’s success that weekend was continued with the Excellence in Engineering Award and a Deans List Finalist Award won by Nipun Chheda.

The team also competed at the Waterloo Regional from March 19th to 21st at the University of Waterloo. Seeding second after 13 qualification matches with an average of 172.46, Team 2056 was again selected by Team 1114 Simbotics from St. Catharines Ontario, and together they picked Team 5719 Titans from Toronto Ontario. The alliance came out of the playoffs with an average of 237.43 and achieved a high score of 280, bringing the regional streak up to 21. The team also won their second Regional Chairman’s Award with presenters Kailey Bastarache, Joel Pink, Anna VanDuzer, and Lauren Field.