We are happy to report that Team 2056 has been working hard at designing, building and programming our 2022 robot to play and compete in the “Rapid React” game sponsored by Boeing. 

Watch the game animation here: https://youtu.be/LgniEjI9cCM

Although it has not been a normal build season with virtual classes, extracurricular restrictions, snow days, and a slew of supply chain issues, the robot is running and performing up to 2056 standards and expectations. 

Our first competition is Saturday March 26th at the University of Waterloo. We hoped you could all join us as we compete for the first time in two years but capacity limits are still in place, so you can follow us on The Blue Alliance.

ONT District University of Waterloo Event Day 2 (2022) – The Blue Alliance

Select Week 4 under events if you do not see Waterloo Day 2. Selecting the event name will take you to the match schedule (Results) as well as the rankings. Selecting the green Watch Now button beside the event name will take you to the live webcast. Gameday in the top menu will also take you to live webcasts of all events.

Robot Parts

Our huge thank you to Westbrook Systems and Barlow Manufacturing for laser cutting and bending the parts for our 2022 robot. We can always depend on you for quick, reliable, and top notch results. Sorry, no images available until the Waterloo competition!

Field Setup

We are very thankful for the generous support of Home Depot Centennial Parkway for providing material for our field build. Students have been practising daily as they prepare for the Waterloo competition.


The Chairman’s Team has been busy and presented our 2022 Chairman’s presentation to three judges on March 3rd. The Chairman’s award is the most prestigious of all FIRST awards and it considers all the efforts and the impact the team makes beyond building a robot – including summer camps, clothing drives, recycle drives, online coding workshops and student training programs. The Team of Ian Morse, Elisha Matharu, and Sagar Kumar presented “2056 The Challenge of Change” with support from Emily Kotyk, Jakob Rainford, Erik Kaspersetz, Samantha Passfield, Ms. Levely, and Ms. DiTiberio.

As you can see, it’s hard to keep this team down! Thank you again to all of our supporters for making the Team 2056 experience possible for our youth.