This past weekend, Team 2056 went to the Ontario Provincial Championships to defend their title against 79 of the best teams in Ontario. After 160 qualification matches, across 2 fields, 2056 would seed first in the science division, and go on to captain the number 1 alliance consisting of team 1325 from Mississauga, Ontario, and rookie Team 6875 from Windsor, Ontario.

In the quarterfinals match two, 2056 and their alliance would score 536 points, and earn the highest score in a playoff match. 2056’s number one alliance would advance to the finals and face the number six alliance that consisted of Team 2013, 2200, and 4814. After winning the first match 399-316, and the second match 390-313, Team 2056 would play the top alliance from the technology division of 5406, 4917, and 4939. After a nail biter of a first match, the science alliance would win 398 to 386 and win the second match 423 to 323. Congratulations to teams 5406, 4917, and 4939 for an amazing finals.

2056 would also take home the Quality Award sponsored by Motorola Solutions Foundation along with two more blue banners.40809012234_4e8837291b_o