FIRST Championship 2014

OP Robotics finished fifth among 100 teams in the Archimedes Division in St. Louis, Missouri on April 26th at the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) International Competition. Team 2056 was chosen first overall in the alliance selections for the Archimedes Division and was eliminated in the quarter-finals losing two games and winning one. We were very excited for Makeshift Robotics, team 4039, from St. Mary’s in Hamilton, who we have mentored. They built an exceptional robot this year and made it to the semi-finals in the Newton Division.

The 2056 drive team consisting of grade twelve students Chris Pyc, Will Alex and Macenzie Wells performed exceptionally well during the competition. All six graduating students including Nicole Mech, David Harris and John Muchynski have inspired and mentored younger team members and are continually giving back to our Stoney Creek community.

The experience at the International Competition had been a lesson in both perseverance and determination. With over 2,800 teams participating in competitions from around the world, Team 2056 has consistently been ranked in the top first percentile of competing robots. The quality and detail to a great performing robot during the 2014 season is due to the continued support of alumni mentors of Trevor Kearse, Zac Young, Tarjote Chaggar, Eric Mech, Isaac Hunter, Heather Young and Grant Durfey. Teacher mentor Stan Hunter and mentor Tyler Holtzman continued to be major sources of guidance for the team.